A funny thing happened on the way to the office. From my road trip of last month, I found a nice art piece in Brown County, Indiana. I put it up in my office, only to realize that by adding it, I needed to move some other pictures and wall hangings into different locations. Also, I realized that some things need to be taken down all together. Last Sunday, with the help of the expert eye of my wife, Valerie, I rearranged all the wall hangings, did some touch up painting, decluttered a lot of unneeded things, gave a complete cleaning, and boy, what a difference! Looks and feels a little more spacious and inviting. Sometimes, adding something new to our lives can have a domino effect and we must let go of “how things used to be” and make ready for newness in our lives. All in all, I am glad I brought that new piece into my office. I had no idea what changes it would bring about for me and my office. I am glad that I was open to all the newness that the new piece brought along with it.

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