I had been in therapy for over a decadent and hadn't made much progress.That changed when I started working with David.He has helped me develop new tools and strategies for dealing with difficult thoughts and situations. I feel so much better equipped to take care of myself and live my life the way I want. I am very grateful for David's helping becoming a stronger and healthier person.
During my time with David, I learned and developed healing tools that have allowed me to move from a life of pain and a closed fearful heart to living from an open and more trusting heart. I will always be grateful for the healing and growth I experienced, as a result of working with David.
"I am OK. It is as simple and profound as that. I know it. More importantly, I feel it, no matter what happens. Working with David has brought me to this place. I came to him knowing a lot about my issues, but knowledge hadn't fixed anything. Self-acceptance, mind/body therapy worked for me."
"I began working with David many years ago when I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and accompanying depression. While I had spent years in therapy prior to meeting David, this was the first time anyone helped me understand the relationship of my mind, heart and body. The pain eventually lifted while we worked hard on understanding the roots of my physical and emotional pain through various therapeutic techniques. David has taught me many skills that I continue to use during struggles in my life. He is the most keenly attuned, empathic and insightful person I have ever known. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude for his continuous support, teaching and kindness"
"You helped me become comfortable with the person that I am, rather than me trying to change into the person I thought I wanted to become."
"After 25 years of 12-Step recovery, several stints in therapy, and workshops galore, I understood a lot about my issues. But understanding did not bring resolution. David brings his own life experience and years of practice to his methods of deep emotional healing. I am now letting go of the past and living more as who I really am in the present."