One of the highlights of my work week is my co-ed therapy group that I conduct on Tuesday evenings.

Groups provide ongoing energy and support for the difficult work that members seek to accomplish. Participants have transitioned from one-to-one therapy with me to the group setting after a good therapeutic alliance has been established. I provide structure by opening with a short meditation/mindfulness practice. Then I ask individuals to check in and say what they are feeling and whether or not they want to do some personal work. Everything is voluntary, including if and when to work, the type of work, giving and receiving feedback, and closing remarks.

The Tuesday evening therapy group has operated for three years with new members cycling in and out. New members join on a trial basis for six weeks. Members who wish to exit give three weeks notice. The group can hold six participants, ideally 3 men and 3 women.

I look forward to Tuesdays because of the fantastic work accomplished and the joy of health and vitality being restored.

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