Bruce Lipton – Epigenetics

I read a fantastic article in the October issue of Natural Awakenings entitled “Training the World’s Hearts to Beat as One,” an interview with stem-cell biologist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.  I learned about epigenetics — how perception influences genetics.  Dr. Lipton … Read More

Body Work and Psychotherapy

Why is this combination beneficial? The body is the mirror of the unconscious. Bodywork can bring emotional issues to the surface as body structures are realigned or shifted into proper places. Psychotherapy may be needed to process the feelings that … Read More


Co-Ed Group Therapy

Groups provide ongoing energy and support for the difficult work that members seek to accomplish. Participants have transitioned from one-to-one therapy with me to the group setting after a good therapeutic alliance has been established. I provide structure by opening … Read More


Couples Counseling

Effective communication by two people will involve clear messaging that is hearable and specific. It requires that while one person is speaking, the other is listening. Empathetic listening involves listening with the head and the heart. Learning how to listen … Read More